Pacific Siding Company

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We take pride in our work. Our siders are of the best in the industry and in combination with how we work, our finished product is of the highest quality.

First, contact us to speak with one of our sales team. Based on a field measurement and/or project plans you provide, we will create a quote for your project. Once the quote is approved, we will meet with you to double check with you to verify that all details are accurate and correct..

Once your quote is approved, your price is Guaranteed (excluding signed change orders). We make sure that we meet our deadlines within budget..

When the project begins, our production team and crew will meet on site to review details of the project to ensure proper installation. Safety is paramount on our work sites. All of our crews follow OSHA and WISHA safety guidelines. In addition, before the start of each project we review the safety specifics of your site.

Periodic site visits by our people throughout the install process keeps the installation on track as well as keeping a clean worksite.

Upon completion of work, we will schedule a final walk through to address any questions or concerns. Once the walk through is approved, you will receive a copy of our labor warranty.

Contact us today to get started on your siding project.